electric water heater. we carry two type of water heater instant and storage water heater.


We carry a wide range of water heaters of different capacity, sizes, shapes and designs. We have Instant and Storage water heaters . In addition, there are heavy duty heaters for huge usage while modern slim ones are for home usage. Our Brands includes in water heaters are :.


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Since design and shapes are key factors. in addition to it being durable. we provide them in different designs and shapes to fit users. electric water heater.

electric water heater. we carry bathroom fittings and also water heaters in Singapore. in addition, bathroom looks classy while simple. since we have special promo for our water heater products.

We thrive to provide the highest quality products and service standards to meet the high demand of the consumers. we provide delivery services and can help you remove, replace and install electric water heater.