Saniton Toilet Bowl

Ideal Merchandise carry variety of Saniton Toilet Bowl in Singapore. Our collection includes One-piece toilet, Close-coupled (Two-piece) water closets, Wall hung water closets, Back-To-Wall toilet and Children-Junior water closets Toilet bowl from different series such as, Alyssa, Acacia, Brassica, Ixia, Roselle, Indica, Junior, and Danica by SANITON.

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Wall Hung Toilet Bowl | One-piece Toilet Bowl | Close-coupled Water closetJunior Water Closet

Saniton Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

Saniton Alyssa ST2611 Wall Hung Toilet bowl
Alyssa ST2611

Wall-Hung Water Closet
Whirlpool Flush
Size : L515 x W370 x H335 mm

Saniton Acacia ST6019 Wall Hung Toilet
Acacia ST6019

Wall-Hung Water Closet
Whirlpool Flush
Size : L 495 x W 360 x H 350 mm

Saniton Brassica ST6011 Wall hung Toilet
Brassica ST6011

Back-To-Wall Water Closet
Whirlpool Flush
Size : L570 x W360 x H390 mm

Saniton One-piece Toilet Bowls

Saniton Ixia ST2466 One-piece Toilet

Ixia ST2466

One-piece Water Closet
Whirlpool Flush
Size: L670 x W380 x H775 mm

Saniton Roselle ST2457 One-piece Toilet

Roselle ST2457

One-piece Water Closet
Whirlpool Flush
Size: L670 x W360 x H800 mm

Saniton Close-coupled Water Closets

Saniton INDICA ST2999-SC3122 Close coupled water closet

Indica ST2999-SC3122

Close coupled Water Closet (Two-piece Toilet)
Size: L660 x W370 x H760 mm

Saniton Junior Water Closets

Saniton JUNIOR ST2233 JW Wall hung children toilet$305
Junior ST2233

Wall-Hung Junior Water Closet (Children Wall-hung Toilet)
Size: L445 x W295 x H270 mm

Saniton Danica ST2235 Junior One-piece Toilet
Danica ST2235

One-piece Junior Water Closet (Children One-piece Toilet)
Size: L630 x W320 x H655 mm