Ideal Merchandise carry wide range of Toilet bowls in Singapore. Our collection include water closets from all major brands like TOTO, Grohe, Crizto, Velin, Rubine, Inspire, American Standard, Tiara, Magnum, Saniton, Baron, Geberit and many more. Also we carry Junior WC for children from Saniton. Some of the water closet have the latest rimless design and able to perform double vortex or tornado flushing. Thus if you are planning to replace your existing toilet bowl or selecting a water closet for the new home you are constructing, you will find the perfect product at Ideal Merchandise, Singapore.

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Types of Toilet Bowl and Toilet System:

Close-Coupled Toilet Bowl

It is also called two-piece toilet bowl. It consists of the bowl and cistern on separate body. One of the advantages of close-coupled water closet is that with proper mounting kit which allows tightening of the screw sets from inside of the the cistern to keep the cistern and bowl together, the replacement of the water inlet valve can be achieved without removing the whole toilet bowl. It just requires to unmount the cistern by unscrewing the screw set from inside the cistern and the inlet valve can then be replaced easily.

One-piece Toilet Bowl

The bowl and cistern are together in one body. Generally, it is seen to be more elegant than a close-coupled toilet bowl. For one-piece water closet, the water inlet valve can only be removed by unscrewing the nut from underneath the cistern. In most cases this is very hard to achieve especially when the space is very tight at the side of the water closet which is commonly found in most toilets these days.

Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

A toilet bowl mounted on the wall. The flushing system is either concealed behind the wall or “boxed-up”. There are a few types of flushing system for wall hung water closet. It usually uses concealed cistern in residential developments. For commercial places, it usually has a flush valve system. The waste pipe for wall hung toilet bowl is usually on the wall.

Wall Face Toilet Bowl

This is a toilet bowl mounted on the floor. The wall face water closet can have the waste pipe either on the wall or floor. It has the same requirements on flushing system as the wall hung water closet.