GESSI Shower Mixers

Ideal Merchandise carry variety of GESSI Exposed Shower Mixer, Bath/Shower Mixer and Concealed Bath/Shower Mixer with diverter comes in different series like, Emporio – Solferino, Emporio – Venezia and Emporio – Manzoni.

Gessi Emporio Bath Shower Mixer GES-49013-CHR Emporio-solferino
Emporio – Solferino
Exposed Bath/Shower Mixer

Gessi Emporio Bath Shower Mixer GES-47214031 Emporio-venezia
Emporio – Venezia
Exposed Bath/Shower Mixer

Gessi Emporio Shower Mixer GES-47132031 Emporio-venezia
Emporio – Venezia
Exposed Shower Mixer

Gessi Concealed Shower Mixer GES-47206-CHR Emporio Venezia
Emporio-Venezia/Concealed Shower Mixer:GES-47206-CHR

Gessi Concealed Bath Mixer GES-47179-CHR Emporio Venezia
Emporio-Venezia/Concealed Bath Mixer:GES-47179-CHR

Gessi Concealed Shower Mixer GES-49106-CHR Emporio Solferino
Emporio-Solferino/Concealed Shower Mixer:GES-49106-CHR

Gessi Concealed Bath Mixer GES-49079-CHR Emporio Solferino
Emporio-Solferino/Concealed Bath Mixer:GES-49079-CHR

Gessi Concealed Shower Mixer GES-38720-CHR Emporio Manzoni
Emporio-Manzoni/Concealed Shower Mixer:GES-38720-CHR

Gessi Concealed Bath Mixer GES-44634-CHR Emporio Manzoni
Emporio-Manzoni/Concealed Bath Mixer:GES-44634-CHR

Gessi-GES-38312-AAA-Built-in part for one-way mixer
Built-in Part for One-Way Mixer/
Concealed body for Shower Mixer

Gessi-GES-38473-AAA-Built-in part for two-way mixer
Built-in Part for Two-Way Mixer/
Concealed body for Bath Mixer