HAFELE Kitchen Sink

Ideal Merchandise carry wide range of HAFELE Kitchen Sink in Singapore. Our collection includes Granite single bowl and double bowl kitchen sinks. H’A’FELE’S-Granite Kitchen Sink have features like, Dirt-repellent effect, Heat-proof, Extremely durable, Hygienic, Food-safe, Stain-resistant, Odour-free, Impact-resistant and Made in GERMANY. We carry variety of sizes, shapes and finishes so you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hafele Granite kitchen sink Antonious HS-GD8650 Black
$539.00 (U.P. $598.00)
Antonious HS-GD8650
Art. No. 570.36.300

Hafele Granite kitchen sink Antonious HS-GD8650 Grey
$539.00 (U.P. $598.00)
Antonious HS-GD8650
Art. No. 570.36.500

Hafele Granite kitchen sink Julius HS-GD8650 Black
$479.00 (U.P. $588.00)
Julius HS-GD8650
Art. No. 570.35.380

Hafele Granite kitchen sink Antonious HS-GD8650 Black-570.35.330
$499.00 (U.P. $548.00)
Antonious HS-GD8650
Art. No. 570.35.330

Hafele Double Bowl Granite kitchen sink 570.37.390 Black
$639.00 (U.P. $688.00)
Double Bowl Granite Sink
Art. No. 570.37.390

Hafele 570.36.340 single bowl kitchen sink
$599.00 (U.P. $638.00)
Single Bowl Granite Kitchen Sink Black
Art. No. 570.36.340