Tiara Wash Basins

Ideal Merchandise carry wide range of Tiara Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basins comes with different Shape, Size and Color to meet our customers needs. Our collection includes Top mount Basins, Wall Mount/ Wall Hung Basins, Semi-Recessed Basins and Vanity Basins.

Tiara Countertop Basins

TIARA M8088F Counter Top BasinM8088F
Size: 900 x 420 x 140 mm

TIARA M3468WB Counter Top BasinM3468WB
Size: 460 x 460 x 150 mm

TIARA M5588WB Counter top BasinM5588WB
Size: 580 x 410 x 150 mm

TIARA M5628WB Counter top BasinM5628WB
Size: 605 x 360 x 160 mm

TIARA M3330Black Counter Top BasinM3330Black
Size: 330 x 330 x 130 mm

TIARA M3485Black Counter Top BasinM3485Black
Size: 485 x 395 x 145 mm

TIARA M5590Black Counter Top BasinM5590Black
Size: 590 x 400 x 140 mm

TIARA M5515Black Countertop BasinM5515Black
Size: 515 x 390 x 145 mm