Saniton Wash Basin

Ideal Merchandise carry variety of Saniton Wash Basins which is comes with various Shape and Size to meet our customers needs. Our collection includes Counter top Basins, Above-counter Basin, Under-counter Basins, Wall Hung Basins and Semi-Recessed Basins from different series such as, Vinca, Quince, Venus, Clover, Iris, Lindera, Areca, Aster, Florin, Lavender and Jessamine Ceramic Bathroom Basins  by SANITON.

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Saniton Counter Top Wash Basins

Saniton VINCA SB1891 Counter top basin

Vinca SB1891
Size : L370 x W485 x H135
Counter Top or Above Counter Basin

Saniton QUINCE SB1889 Counter top basin

Quince SB1889
Size : D490 x H180 mm
Countertop Round Wash Basin

Saniton Above Counter Wash Basins

Saniton VENUS SB1903 Above Counter basin

Venus SB1903
Size : L385 x W705 x H135 mm
Above Counter Basin

Saniton CLOVER SB1255 Above Counter basin

Clover SB1255
Size : L350 x W525 x H160 mm
Above Counter Wash Basin

Saniton Under Counter Wash Basins

Saniton IRIS SB1077 Under Counter basin

Iris SB1077
Size : L420 x W595 x H215 mm
Under Counter Wash Basin

Saniton LINDERA SB5030 Under Counter basin

Lindera SB5030
Size : L450 x W 90 x H221 mm
Under Counter Wash Basin

Saniton Wall Hung Wash Basins

Saniton ARECA SB1114 Wall hung Basin

Areca SB1114 
Size : L490 x W500 x H165 mm
Wall-Hung, Convertible to counter top Basin

Saniton Aster SB1118 Wall hung Basin

Aster SB1118
Size : L435 x W510 x H140 mm
Wall-Hung, Convertible to counter top Basin

Saniton FLORIN SB1007 Wall hung Basin

Florin SB1007
Size : L415 x W525 x H195 mm
Wall-Hung Wash Basin
Rounded, half moon design

Saniton Semi-Recessed Wash Basins

Saniton LAVENDER SB1107 Semi-recessed Basin

Lavender SB1107
Size : L440 x W540 x H165 mm
Semi-Recessed Wash Basin

Saniton JESSAMINE SB1888 Semi-recessed Basin

Jessamine SB1888
Size : L415 x W515 x H155 mm
Semi-Recessed Wash Basin