American Standard Wash Basins

Ideal Merchandise carry wide range of American Standard Bathroom Ceramic Wash Basins comes with different Shape, Size and Color to meet our customers needs. Our collection includes Vessel Countertop Basins, Wall Hung Basins, Semi-countertop Basins and Under-counter Basins.

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American Standard Vessel / Countertop Basins

CounterTop Basin MilanoVessel-CCASF650-1000410F0_CCASF650
Milano, Vessel

Size: 369 x 548 x 162(140) mm

CounterTop Basin AcaciaEvolutionRoundVessel-CL05091-6DACTLA-TF0509
Acacia Evolution,Round Vessel

Size: 400 x 400 x 181 mm

CounterTop Basin NeoModernVessel-CCASF633-0000410F0CCASF63
Neo Modern, Vessel

Size: 400 x 545 x 184(150) mm

American standard Acacia Supasleek CCASF420 Vessel Basin

Acacia SupaSleek Vessel 600mm
Size: 450 x 600 x 175 mm

American standard Acacia Supasleek ccasf412 Vessel wash Basin

Acacia SupaSleek Vessel 550mm
Size: 380 x 500 x 150(110) mm

American standard Acacia SupaSleek CCASF411 Square Vessel Basin

Acacia SupaSleek Square Vessel
Size: 420 x 420 x 150(110) mm

American Standard Signature CCAS0618-1010410C0 vessel basin

Signature Vessel with Deck Basin

Size: 429 x 551 x 125 mm

American Standard Semi-countertop Basins

White Semi-Countertop CCASF307-1010410F0

White Semi-Countertop

Size: 450 x 450 x 158(138) mm

American standard Acacia supasleek CCASF419 semi-countertop basin

Acacia SupaSLeek Semi-Countertop

Size: 450 x 550 x 169(125) mm

Acacia Evolution CCASF519-1010411F0 Semi-Countertop basin
Acacia Evolution Semi-Countertop 

Size: 460 x 500 x 181 mm

American Standard Signature CCAS0320-1010410F0 Semi countertop basin

Signature Semi-Countertop 

Size: 435 x 545 x 58 mm

American Standard Under-Counter Basins

Under Counter Activa-CCAS0440-1000410F0-1
Activa Under Counter

Size: 420 x 600 x 210 mm

Under Counter Studio CL0474I-6DACTLU
Studio Under Counter

Size: 365 x 520 x 210 mm

UnderCounter Thin Touch Square 60cm CCASF513-1000410F0
Thin Touch 600 mm 

Size: 410 x 600 x 181(147) mm

Under Counter Thin Touch Square 50cm-CCASF514-1000410F0
Thin Touch square 500 mm

Size: 380 x 500 x 181(147) mm

American Standard Wall Hung Basins

Wall Hung Acacia Evolution -CL0507II-6DACTLWW
Acacia Evolution Wall-Hung

Size: 460 x 600 x 181 mm

Wall Hung ConceptCube-CL0550I-6DACTLW
Concept Cube Wall-Hung

Size: 459 x 549 x 138 mm

Wall Hung ConceptDShape-CL0553I-6DACTLW-0553
Concept D Shape Wall-Hung

Size: 460 x 550 x 150 mm

Wall Hung NeoModern-CL0953I-6DACTLW
Neo Modern Wall-Hung

Size: 450 x 553 x 200(160) mm

American Standard Acacia-Supasleek CCASF421-1010411F0 wall hung basin

Acacia SupaSleek Wall Hung Basin

Size: 450 x 600 x 110 mm