KDK Fans

KDK fans are known for settings standards of fans all around the world. They are built to be environmentally-friendly and energy saving. Its innovative technology allows it to reduce carbon footprint and improve indoor air quality.

Ideal Merchandise carry KDK ceiling fans from 44″ to 60″ and pedestal fans in Singapore.

KDK 44″ Ceiling Fans

KDK M11SU & A11YS both are 3 blade hugger type Ceiling Fans suitable foe HDB and other low ceiling homes. Comes in 2 colours , namely White and Silver.

KDK 48″ Ceiling Fans

KDK Ceiling Fan M48SG comes with compact Regulator and R48SP is with Remote control, both have 3 blade hugger. Popularly installed in restaurants, school, Hawker centers, coffee shops and place with higher ceiling. Two colors available White & Silver.

KDK 56″ Ceiling Fans

A 4 blade 5 speed 56 inch Ceiling Fan with remote control M56SR, V56VK, R56VS KDK Ceiling Fans comes with various functions like, timer, sleep mode and temperature sensor. Colors available Silver, Grey, White, Platinum suitable for private apartment & Condo use.

KDK 60″ Ceiling Fans

A powerful 60 inch 5 blade Ceiling Fan from KDK.  Powerful and versatile ceiling fan Z60WS & V60WK with remote control, temperature sensor, timer, sleep mode and 7 speed motor unit. Beautiful colors, White , Silver or Grey. R60VW LED with light kit comes with 3 adjustable level of brightness.

KDK Pedestal Fan

Fans from KDK are robust and durable thus widely installed. Pedestal fans N30NH, N40HS, N40KS, also known as standing fans are popularly used in households and coffee shops. Rythm breeze function, 3 speed and off electronic switch, Height adjustable, transparent plastic blade.