Ideal Merchandise carry variety of Decken ceiling fan sizes are 39″ to 53″  from different series in Singapore. We have ABS and Wood blade materials Decken Ceiling Fans comes with 7 speed remote control, silent motor and powerful wind. Decken fans are known for their simple yet modern designs and huge energy-saving feature. They are built to be environmentally-friendly and can help save energy by up to 70%. Its innovative technology allows it to reduce carbon footprint.

Decken Optimus Series – DK001

Decken Optimus Series Ceiling Fan, Crafted with ABS blades, the Optimus is a silent whirlwind waiting to be unleashed. The DK-001 translates to quietude in bedrooms, kid’s rooms, study rooms, etc. The blade construction allows for perfect air delivery in every corner of the room, the 7 speed settings ensure that get your kind of air flow.

Decken Fan Optimus-DK001-39-Beachwood
DK-001 Beach Wood 39″

Decken fan Optimus-DK001-39-Walnut
DK-001 Walnut 39″

Decken fan Optimus-DK001-39-Black
DK-001 Black 39″

Optimus: DK-001 Beach Wood 52

DK-001 Beach Wood 52″

Optimus: DK-001 Walnut 52

DK-001 Walnut 52″

Optimus: DK-001 Matte Black 52

DK-001 Black 52″

Decken Megatron – DK002 | Megatron P – DK002 Series

Decken Megatron Series Ceiling Fan is an innovation in fan technology and a big step to making your living space more environment-friendly. Reduce your carbon footprint with the DK-002 & P-DK-002, the highlight of which are blades made of wood.

Megatron: DK-002 Beach Wood 46

DK-002 Beach Wood 46″

Megatron: DK-002 Beach Wood 46

DK-002 Beach Wood 52″

Decken Fan Megatron P-DK002 Beach Wood 46
P-DK002 Beach Wood 46″

Decken Fan Megatron P-DK002 Beach Wood 52
P-DK002 Beach Wood 52″

Decken Primus – DK003 Series

The Decken Primus Series ceiling fan is Available in 43” and 53” blade size. The Primus is a Decken technological innovation for your ceiling. While the Aluminium housing makes it lightweight, the ABS blades vouch for silent operation at any speed.

Primus: DK-003 Beach Wood 43

DK-003 Beach Wood 43″/53″

Primus: DK-003 Walnut 43

DK-003 Walnut 43″/53″

Primus: DK-003 Matte Black 43

DK-003 Matte Black 43″/53″

Decken Unicron – DK005 | Unicron P – DK005 Series

Decken Unicorn Series Ceiling Fan DK-005 & P-DK-005 is a series of fans for those spaces that demand exclusive, large blades. The Unicorn DK-005 & P-DK-005 is series of fans are Available in 46” and 53”, the Unicorn is elegance for the living.

Decken Fan Unicron-DK005-Beach wood 46
DK-005 Beach Wood 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron-DK005-Black 46
DK-005 Black 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron-DK005-Walnut 46
DK-005 Walnut 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron-DK005-White
DK-005 White 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron P-DK005 Beach Wood 46
P-DK005 Beach Wood 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron P-DK005 Black 46
P-DK005 Black 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron P-DK005 Walnut 46
P- DK005 Walnut 46″/53″

Decken Fan Unicron P-DK005 White 46
P-DK005 White 46″/53″