We regret to inform that we no longer carry Amasco Fans and have no information regarding their after sales support. Do consider other brands we carry such as KDK and Decken. Thank you!


Amasco is known for its modern and sleek designs and its economic thoughts. Designs are intricate and made to be long-lasting and energy-saving. They are built with superior quality that ensures low carbon footprint and sturdy.

Ideal Merchandise carry Amasco fans from 48″ to 56″ with different Sizes , Designs and Colors for its ranges to suits its users and places in Singapore.

48″ Ceiling Fans

Amasco 48″ Ceiling Fans comes in Fresh 2 model have 3 Blades Acrylic material and Astro model have 5 Blades  Wooden Material with different colors.

52″ Ceiling Fans

52″ Amasco Ceiling Fans have three models Merz Speed, Odysee and Space 3. All models comes in 5 Wooden Blades and AC motor with different Fan Speed.

54″ Ceiling Fans

We carry Amasco Ceiling Fan 54″ Diamond, Gemini, Spectrum CL and Twist having 5 Blade with Acrylic Material and 3 Fan Speed comes in different color range.

56″ Ceiling Fans

Ideal Merchandise carry wide range of Amasco 56″ Ceiling Fans like, Empire 3 , Leo 8, Spectrum C5 and Style 3 models having 5 Acrylic Blades and Optional Remote control or Regulator.