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JOVEN heaters offered include horizontal, vertical water storage, and instant heaters.  

Joven Electric Storage Water Heaters


Product Description

Thermal Cut-off Protects heating element from dry burn   Thermostat Surface mount thermostat pre-set at 70o C with safety cut-out at 95o C Heating Element Copper sheathed, high power, low watt density for faster heating and better reliability Easy to replace Stainless Steel Heater Tank Thick gauge stainless steel to withstand rust and rupture Tested to 20 bars to ensure no water leakage 5-year leak proof warranty Insulation Foam High density polyurethane foam of 2 lb per cu ft to prevent heat loss Ensure electric consumption to a minimum Heater Enclosure Electro-galvanised steel and anti-corrosion treated Epoxy coated and baked to high temperature for better durability Patented Mounting Ring Bracket Allowing flexibility in mounting the heater in any horizontal positions Epoxy powder coated with expansion bolts for safe mounting Safety Pressure Relief & Drain Valve Pre-set to 10 bars to prevent tank rupture Drain valve to facilitate water drain out during servicing

Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe 1/2" BSP

Stainless Steel Inlet Pipe 1/2" BSP

Installation Cover High quality ABS plastic Easy access for repair Adjustable Thermostat Knob Allows water temperature adjustment Thermometer Indicates hot water in the tank Thermostat Tube Controls water temperature [For tags Joven water heater Singapore SG Cheap 500 510 535 565 EC602 EC707 EC757 MP720 PC630 SA20 SA10 S8 SL30 I70 AURES LUXURY ST33 AURES LUXURY ROUND RT33 AURES SMART SMC33 AURES SMART RMC33 AURES COMFORT SM33 AURES EASY SB33 Flurro RWH-FS362A-BCB RWH-FS362A-WMW RWH-FS360N-BCB RWH-FS360N-WMW Matte Booster Pump kW Slim20 Slim Lux Lux15 Lux30 UR under sink inox aa r15 r30 Pro 15L 30L 45L 50L 56L 60L 80L 100L  jh15 jh30 jh45 jh50 jh56 jh60 jh80 jh100L 15 30 45 50 56 60 80 100 ]