Toilet Bowls

Toilet bowl is something that most people don't talk or read about. The reason could be it relates to human waste. However toilet is a place where everyone visits every day. Many people do not know today the types of water closet and toilet system available out there. Close Coupled Water Closet It is also called two-piece toilet bowl. It consists of the bowl and cistern on separate body. One-piece Water Closet Usually it means the bowl and cistern are together in one body. Generally it is being seen as more elegant then the close coupled toilet bowl. Wall Hung Water Closet This is a toilet bowl mounted on the wall. The flushing system is either being concealed behind the wall or being "boxed-up". There are a few types of flushing system for wall hung water closet. It usually uses concealed cistern in residential developments. For commercial places it usually has flush valve system. The waste pipe for wall hung toilet bowl is usually on the wall. Wall Face Water Closet This is a toilet bowl mounted on the floor and usually with the back flushes the wall. Unlike the wall hung toilet bowl the wall face water closet can have the waste pipe either on the wall or floor. It has same requirements on flushing system as the wall hung water closet.