Shower Mixers

We carry a variety of shower mixers for you! International and local brands such as TOTO (Japan) , Grohe (Germany), ROCA (Spain), CRITZO (Singapore) and many more. We also have different types of shower mixers for you to choose from. There are thermostatic mixers, concealed mixers and manual shower mixers! For Manual Mixers, you will need to set the water temperature by adjusting the lever yourself. It is simple to use and install. However, there is a disadvantage to manual shower mixers. Because it doesn't shuts off automatically if the water becomes to hot and you might scald yourself. For Thermostatic Shower Mixers, they allow you to pre-set a temperature that you want the water to be. Then, the temperature of the water will always be at the temperature that you set it at. Find out more at our thermostatic shower mixer page here!