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Kitchen sink is one of the important appliances in the kitchen. Investing in a good quality sink makes food preparation and cooking more enjoyable. It makes you want to spent more time in the kitchen. After all, food preparation, washing and cutting are important tasks which should be as efficient as possible and which no kitchen appliance can do for you. We carry wide range of sinks which made from high quality stainless steel or artificial granite with ergonomic design for sensible space utilisation and ease of cleaning.

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we carry geberit, toto, grohe, crizto and many other brands for sanitarywares as well as kitchenware. we offer them in different shapes and designs.

Since design and shapes are key factors. in addition to its durability. we provide kitchen sink in different designs and shapes to fit users. i

we carry geberit concealed cistern in Singapore. Thus we have more geberit products. in addition, bathroom looks classy while simple. since we have special promo for our toilet products. Other brand of kitchen sinks available in Singapore are Franke, Snow Kitchen Sink, Englefield, Teka, Tramontina, Schock