Bidet Seat

We carry wide range of bidet products brands like TOTO Washlet, Coway, Aisin, Izen and BauBay. Please click here for more information.

Bidet seat is like a toilet seat of the toilet bowl except that it has the water spray feature integrated. The water jet can be activated by a control which can be at the side of the bidet seat or a remote control unit. Bidet seat has generally two categories. One is the non electrical bidet which operates on water pressure in the facility. The other type is the electric bidet which requires electrical power to operate. It generally comes with luxury features such as deodorizer, adjustable water temperature and seat temperature, warm air for drying after washing, and able to deliver higher pressure of water spray than the non electrical bidet.

Another type of non electrical bidet is the bidet attachment. It does not come with toilet seat and cover but a nozzle device which can be attached on underneath the existing toilet seat of the toilet bowl. Since it does not come with seat and cover it practically fit almost all types of toilet bowl regardless of the shape and size.

Aisin Bidet JW-111