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We carry quality basin mixers and basin taps. Our brands includes:

TOTO, Grohe, ROCA, Hansgrohe, Arino, Crizto, Inspire and Pozzi

The basin faucets are with wide range of designs and sizes to meet different needs of our customers in Singapore. The basin mixers in our product line up also includes the progressive mixing design and basin mixers for wall mount installations.

The GROHE single-lever mixers are with wide operating angle of the lever handle which is perfectly engineered for optimal user comfort across the collection of basin, bath and bidet faucets and shower mixers. The high quality faucet incorporates GROHE SilkMove for smooth handling and GROHE Starlight chrome for a lifelong shine. The GROHE EcoJoy technology reduces water consumption without sacrificing the joy of use. Below list the Grohe basin mixers we carry:


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Grohe Bauflow 32810000 Grohe Bauloop  32814000 Grohe Eurosmart 33265002 Grohe Eurostyle (Loop Lever)  33558003 Grohe Eurostyle (Solid Lever) 23707003 Grohe Eurostyle Cosmo 3355220E Grohe Eurodisc Cosmo 3319020E Grohe BauEdge Tall 32860000 Grohe BauLoop Tall  32856000 Grohe Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Basin Mixer 23432000 Grohe Eurostyle (Loop Lever)  23570003 Grohe Eurostyle (Solid Lever) Basin Mixer 23719003 Grohe Eurodisc Cosmo Tall  23055002 Grohe Eurostyle Cosmo23043002 TOTO Tall TX116LESV4 TOTO Basin Mixer / Faucet TX115LEN TOTO Tall Basin Mixer / Faucet TX116LEN TOTO Wall Mount Basin Mixer TX120LQ TOTO Wall Mount  TX120LEJ TOTO Wall Mount Basin Mixer TX120LE Critzo  CTM 63301C Critzo CTC 63301L Tall Basin Mixer Grohe Bauedge Basin Mixer 32819000 TOTO TX115LQ TOTO Basin Mixer / Faucet TX115LK TOTO TallTX116LK TOTO Faucet TX115LI TOTO  TX108LI TOTO TX115LES TOTO  TX115LEL TOTO Basin Mixer / Faucet TX115LEJ TOTO TX115LRS TOTO Basin Mixer / Faucet TX115LRR TOTO TX108LJ TOTO  TX108LH TOTO  TX115LL TOTO Tall  TX116LNBR TOTO Basin Mixer / Faucet TX115LM

basin mixer singapore

basin mixer singapore

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